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Patrick Hopf

5 Big Ideas For 2017

2017 is poised to be a pivotal year for marketers. Here are five trends that will dominate the industry this year.

Micro-Conversions As A Key Performance Indicator

Instead of simply tracking conversions, marketers will optimize towards micro-conversions that serve as important milestones on the path to purchase. These indicators will be critical for predictive audience modeling and contextual retargeting.

Multitouch Attribution Takes Over

As brands continue to demand greater accountability from their advertising partners and return on their ad spend, they’ll move away from last-click attribution to a multi-touch model. This move will enable them to see the impact of every paid event within a customer's path to purchase, as well as combat click fraud, which dominated the news in 2016.

Creative, Meet Data

Data has become intrinsically integrated with advertising operations, but that optimization is only half the equation. Creatives will start looking at performance data when concepting and crafting advertising creative. Data will inform everything from theme and stylistic choices, to scripting and copy in 2017.

All In On Omnichannel

Brands will continue to push an omnichannel strategy, but the lack of a scalable and effective solution to attribute digital advertising’s role in brick-and-mortar sales will remain a major hurdle. As demand continues to increase, online/offline attribution and analytics will become a key feature of demand-side platforms in 2017.

Influencer Marketing Falls Flat

Marketers will continue to struggle when attributing return on investment to influencer campaigns in 2017. Lacking proper tracking tools and relying heavily on perceived value, brands will move away from influencers and toward more scalable and predictable channels.


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