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Kristen Bromiley

Vizio Turns Up The Volume On Holiday Sales


SourceKnowledge partnered with Vizio, a leading television manufacturer brand, to run a targeted, cross-device campaign to drive online sales, and improve brand sentiment. The campaign used the Engage full stack performance advertising solution that leveraged video and display creatives, dynamic bidding algorithms, and value based remarketing to generate sales for the brand.


The campaign's success was measured based on return on ad spend (RoAS) and performance results were benchmarked against 25 other advertising vendors - all of whom used siloed prospecting or remarketing tactics.


First-party data was used to optimize custom high performing audience cohorts to identify the strongest leads. The campaign deployed 3 different sets of creatives that included display banners and video pre-roll - which were then A/B tested against two different landing pages to see which performed the best. Creatives were optimized for mobile to take advantage of cross-device sales. The campaign was also optimized seasonally to maximize conversion rate during specific hours and days of the holiday season.


  • Over a two month period, the campaign proved successful with a 3.2x RoAS compared to single-channel vendors.
  • The campaign yielded a 209% better AOV compared to single-channel vendors.
  • The campaign’s Cost Per Session was 94% lower compared to single-channel vendors.
  • On average, users that converted visited 2 product pages before purchasing.
  • The campaign delivered more than 6 million impressions to high valued prospects across the US.
  • The Engage platform achieved a 375% increase in click-through rates compared to single-channel vendors.

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