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One of the Largest Ski Resorts in North America Carves Out A Big Return with SourceKnowledge Engage

A ski resort giant in Alberta, Canada joined forces with SourceKnowledge to pursue a full funnel performance-optimized banner campaign with the goal of maximizing season pass sales with a 7.54x RoAS.
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SourceKnowledge Engage Helps RE/MAX Reach New Buyers With Full Stack Campaign

With past campaigns typically based around an awareness goal, the first RE/MAX performance campaign was set up to leverage a 3-stage conversion funnel which lead to over 4,200 leads.
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SourceKnowledge Engage Helps PerfectLens Integrate Data Into Their Marketing Mix

The online contact lens retailers partnered with SourceKnowledge to optimize their use of data as well as audience targeting that yielded a 4x return on ad spend.
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Vizio Turns Up The Volume On Holiday Sales

SourceKnowledge partnered with Vizio, a leading television manufacturer brand, to run a targeted, cross-device campaign to drive online sales, and improve brand sentiment.
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BuildDirect Hammers Out A Strong Performance Campaign With Engage

BuildDirect, a leading online website for home improvement products, partnered with SourceKnowledge to run a cross-device performance campaign using the company’s Engage advertising platform.
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SourceKnowledge Partners With Ready To Drink Beverage To Improve Brand Sentiment

SourceKnowledge partnered with a Ready to Drink (RTD) beverage client to run a targeted, cross-device Pre-Roll. Success would be measured based on completed views (CPCV) and BLS results.
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Dentsubos Partnered With Sourceknowledge To Increase Site Engagement And Brand Lift For Luxury Automaker

DentsuBos partnered with SourceKnowledge to attract in-market consumers for a luxury automotive client, driving user engagement and moving qualified consumers further down the conversion funnel.
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Frank & Oak Keys In On Acquisition

The e-commerce brand that was recognized as one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies Of 2015 In Retail partnered with SourceKnowledge to create a hybrid branding/DR campaign.
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