Google Easter Eggs

Some Google Easter Eggs You Never Knew About

You probably use Google daily to search for a wide range of information, from details you need for a work project to recipes and repair instructions at home. Along with representing more than 60% of online searches, Google occasionally hides features within search and its other platforms. The following are some of the Google “Easter eggs” you may not have heard of before.


Search Easter Eggs


Sometimes just searching the right word or phrase brings up a surprising result on Google. The following are some of the most clever search-based Easter eggs.


Anagram – Search for “anagram” on, and the search engine will ask, “Did you mean: nag a ram?” — which is, of course, an anagram of anagram.


Askew – A Google search for the word “askew” returns a search results page that is appropriately tilted.


Blink – If you search for “” on Google, the results look normal, until you realize that every instance of the word “blink” is blinking at you.


Google Gravity – Type “Google gravity” into’s search box, then select “I’m Feeling Lucky.” As soon as you move your cursor on the page that comes up, gravity takes its effect on the site.




Google is serious about search, but its engineers don’t take themselves too seriously, as evidenced by the many game Easter eggs they’ve hidden on the site.


Atari Breakout – Run a Google image search for “Atari Breakout” and the images that come up instantly transform into a version of the classic game that you can play for free.


Dinosaur Game – If you’ve wondered why a dinosaur appears on Google Chrome pages when you don’t have an Internet connection, it’s actually a game. Hit the spacebar to start a runner-style game to pass the time until you have Internet services again. You can also play the Dinosaur Game online.


Tic Tac Toe – If you need a short distraction, search for “tic tac toe” to pull up a quick game. You can play an easy, medium, or impossible level game against Google or choose to play against a friend.


Zerg Rush – Search for “zerg rush” to start a mini-game in which “o” shapes attack the results until they disappear. You can fend them off by clicking on them before they destroy the results.




Sometimes Google’s Easter eggs are not just entertaining but also useful. Here are some of the practical Google Easter eggs you might find yourself needing in the near future.


Flip a Coin – If you’re trying to make a decision between two options or need to quickly decide who starts in a two-player game, Google has you covered. Run a Google search for “flip a coin” and you’ll get a coin flip that tells you either “heads” or “tails.”


Roll a Die – Much like “Flip a Coin,” when you search for “roll a die,” Google rolls a six-sided die for you and tells you the result. It’s the perfect digital world solution when you don’t have a die close at hand.


Fun Fact – Need a random conversation starter for your next social event? Search on for “fun fact” and the search engine will provide you with a question and answer. If you don’t like the first option, click the “Ask another question” button to get another fun fact.


Google is a powerful search engine and, as evidenced by all of the hidden features described above, much more than that. Whether you need a quick distraction from the work day or a clever piece of trivia, Google has the answers that you need.


June 26, 2018


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