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SourceKnowledge Helps PerfectLens Integrate Data Into Their Marketing Mix



PerfectLens had experimented with a multitude of channels and strategies as they were growing their user base. As is typical with many smaller online retailers, PerfectLens had a problem centralizing campaign data and gaining insights from their ad spend in order to more effectively execute it. Using Google Analytics alongside a variety of advertising platforms alone wasn’t sufficient. PerfectLens was looking for a solution that could both help gather more actionable data on the effectiveness of their customer acquisition strategy, as well as execute and optimize ad delivery based that data – both would be key to their growth.




PerfectLens knew that strong creative, low prices, and excellent service wouldn’t be enough to scale their customer base in the hyper-competitive direct to consumer online contact lens market. This ever-elusive audience is increasingly fragmented across desktop and mobile channels and often evaluates multiple offers before purchasing. So PerfectLens turned to SourceKnowledge to determine the most effective way to measure and optimize their ad spend with the goal of acquiring new purchasers with a focus on return on ad spend.




In order to effectively measure the campaign, PerfectLens used SourceKnowledge’s attribution and reporting features to capture both viewthrough (VTC) and clickthrough (CTC) conversions that were linked to order IDs in PerfectLens’ inventory. It also collected each l user’s path to purchase impression data which provided a complete view of customer behavior. Leveraging this data, PerfectLens was able to focus ad delivery within specific urban markets in eastern Canada that were outperforming a broad Canada-wide geotargeting approach. This data ran counter to PerfectLens’s previous assumption that their core consumers were based primarily in western Canada.


PerfectLens employed an ‘always-on’ campaign strategy over a five-month period, leveraging both desktop and mobile display ads on multiple premium inventory sources that prospected new customers and retargeted site visitors who had not yet purchased. SourceKnowledge’s SmartBidder™ technology was able to optimize the best ad creative to serve to each prospective customer using data-driven decisioning. Additionally, SmartBidderTM dynamically determined the most effective share of budget and bid price for each channel and geo-target to ensure the best possible return on ad spend.


Campaign Tactics


  1. Data-driven audiences based on behavior and average order value were used instead of standard demographic targeting.
  2. Optimized retargeting based on site recency with a specific focus on recent visitors (within 3 hours) and peak consideration prospects (2 weeks after initial site visit).
  3. Focused on core urban markets in eastern Canada to maximize return on ad spend.




  1. Overall Return: 4X return on ad spend.
  2. Overall Reach: +6 million unique devices reached.
  3. Going Forward: PerfectLens has expanded their business into the United States based on strong results in Canada and will be continuing their use of SourceKnowledge in both markets.


Client Feedback


”Partnering with SourceKnowledge has been a fundamental strategy for’s growth. Over just a short period of time, we’ve seen the benefits of utilizing SourceKnowledge as a tool for customer acquisition. Through providing us with insight from programmatic display ads that was otherwise unavailable to us we have seen impressive return on ad spend and unique devices reached.’

– Mariam Demian, Digital Marketing Manager,


April 4, 2018


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