No Risk Marketing Budgeting for Results

No Risk Marketing: Budgeting for Results

Setting specific goals and desired results is an important and ongoing process for successful businesses — and are important for the success of your marketing team. Whether your organization is currently focused more on acquiring a certain number of new leads or on working with sales to reach a particular revenue target, meeting those numbers is a key part of your job and is how your work is evaluated.


Concerns about achieving and proving results from specific marketing activities are common among marketers. In a recent survey of over 6300 marketing and sales professionals, 40 percent cited demonstrating the ROI of marketing efforts as their most critical challenge.


The Dangers of Risky Marketing


Although modern marketing provides advantages in tools to produce more effective marketing program and more accurate tracking, definitive results can still be elusive. New platforms, new campaigns, even new advertising partners or tools can increase the risk that your marketing activities won’t achieve their intended goals.


In particular, lack of guarantee and lack of quality control put your success and risk — and represent a significant cost. With marketing professionals and c-suite executives disagreeing over the effectiveness of marketing activities, those risks become even less acceptable.


Risk from Lack of Guarantee


As a marketer, you may feel limited to simply making the best guesses you can for new campaigns and platforms then adjusting based on the analytics. That can mean wasting marketing dollars on campaigns with no guarantee of the results that you need. The lack of certainty can erode your confidence in your marketing activities, affecting not only the strategies you consider, but also how your marketing team is viewed by your executive team.


Risk from Lack of Quality Control


Another element of risk in your marketing comes from advertising partners and third-party services that you may use. Fraud and a lack of transparency have been prevalently reported in the ad tech industry lately, highlighting the potential dangers.


Major brands including Johnson & Johnson recently reduced or eliminated YouTube advertising after finding their ads were being shown with irrelevant or even offensive content. In addition, using an outside firm or automation tools for creation and management of ads opens up the potential for poor quality ads that reflect negatively on your brand.


The SourceKnowledge Solution


The situation that this risk create for you as a marketer is obviously less than ideal. In a perfect world, you would design and release ads and other marketing content with confidence in the results. Fortunately, SourceKnowledge has developed a new strategy that eliminates the risk for your marketing campaigns.


This system gives you complete transparency on where your ads are being placed. As a result, you’ll know for sure that your best marketing campaigns are being shown to your target audience – and you’ll also be able to ensure brand safety based on where your ads display.


Most importantly, you won’t be sending your creative work and your ad dollars into the black hole of the unknown. Through SourceKnowledge’s system you pay only for the conversions that you make — you pay only when you get results. The program makes your acquisitions completely transparent and risk-free.


With the right marketing partner, you can enjoy the confidence of marketing without risk and budgeting for the results you want. Contact us today to find out how we can remove the unknown from your marketing campaigns and base your strategies on increasing ROI.


February 27, 2018


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