In The News: US Ad Fraud 2017

SourceKnowledge’s President, Patrick Hopf, commented in eMarketer’s report ‘US Ad Fraud 2017’ as to how fraud has improved thanks to the evolution of technology in the past few years.


Below is his commentary:


‘Fraud has improved over the last couple of years,’ said Patrick Hopf, co-founder and president of performance advertising solutions provider SourceKnowledge. ‘The agencies and brands have adopted technologies that have given some pretty good data around viewability and fraud, but there’s a difference now in terms of the level of sophistication. We’re seeing crafty stuff where domains are being mapped, or IP addresses of users are being mapped so that it becomes very difficult to fully understand where things are going, especially in the programmatic landscape.’


The full report can be found on eMarketer‘s PRO subscription.


December 5, 2017


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