Native Ads

How You Can Benefit From Native Ads

Ad blindness is a problem that many advertisers face with their online marketing campaigns. Website users actively block ads or simply overlook the banners on the page. Native ads give you the opportunity to recapture their attention with a format that looks like other content on the page.


The Benefits of Native Advertising


You can’t get great performance out of your ad campaigns if no one ever sees your ads. The native approach makes it possible to get views and extend your audience reach in a way that banner ads aren’t capable of. Since they’re typically located in the same section as the site content, you have their engaged attention as they scroll through a newsfeed.


Since your ads look almost exactly like other content on the page, people won’t skip right over them. In fact, the first impression is that your ad is additional site content. You can improve this effect by paying close attention to the typical posts on your target sites. Look for ways to match the voice and style that your target audience expects from the media they consume.


Consider native ads from a mobile advertising viewpoint. Many people looking at websites on their smartphones or tablets will scroll right past display ads. They are dealing with limited screen size, so those types of ads are a nuisance and take away from their experience. Native ads don’t have these drawbacks in mobile environments.


Display ad campaigns are often frustrating for smaller businesses because you need a big budget to get enough data to optimize your ads. With native advertising, you have an easier time fitting it into a limited ad budget.


How Native Advertising Is More Effective Programmatically


You probably don’t have time to visit every single website that your target audience enjoys. Sometimes, their favorite online hangout spots are ones that you wouldn’t consider on your own.


A programmatic approach to native advertising gives you the opportunity to scale your efforts without consuming all of your resources. The programmatic platform helps you find the best places for each ad impression, so you can focus on creating high converting creatives and optimizing your native ads.


When you want to grow your business, you shouldn’t be held back due to a lack of advertising resources. Programmatic native ads give you the tools you need to build your audience without a lot of wasted spending.


How You Should Be Running Native Advertising


Don’t look at your native advertising costs based on how much you spend on each impression. This number may be higher when you end up with your content on high traffic websites. Instead, turn your attention to the cost per acquisition.


This metric calculates how much you spent overall to bring in a new customer or lead. The individual expenses during this journey may vary, but the CPA reveals your true costs. That expensive view could end up leading to a lower CPA, due to its quality or a good match between your company’s ad and that website’s visitors.


Programmatic platforms make it easy and cost-efficient to get started with native ads. Take the time to look into what your competitors are doing, as well as some of your favorite brands. Once you have a good idea of your current native advertising landscape, you can start incorporating this tactic into your own campaigns.


May 1, 2018


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