Ad Blindspot

How To Fix The Blind Spot Of Your Ad Campaigns

As a brand, you’re trying to be as successful as possible on all of the advertising platforms. You put together campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Google and more, but it’s difficult to manage them all. The truth is, it’s close to impossible to make sure that your campaigns are as optimized as they can be.

The Problems

Your audience is spread across many websites, and you have to account for a buyer’s journey that travels between devices and channels frequently. Many advertising teams end up spreading their resources too thin, which results in poor overall performance.
A lack of data and transparency is another major issue that makes the scenario even worse. You can’t improve your advertising campaigns when you’re not sure what parts of it are working to begin with. You have to manually enter data from each platform and try to make comparisons between them.
Your workers end up devoting more time to administrative work than putting together new, innovative campaigns to bring in customers for your brand. The time wasted could make the difference between getting ahead of your competition and losing out on valuable opportunities.
Inefficiencies cause direct and indirect losses, from the expenses you pay for unoptimized campaigns to the customers lost because they got enticed away by another company.
It’s also difficult to scale your campaigns when you have to do a lot of the work manually. While you can always add more people to try to handle the workload, securing enough talent and getting them onboarded quickly takes a toll in the long-run. Plus, your organization may not have the budget to bring in new talent. You could end up with a team that’s overworked and frustrated.
It’s time to get smarter about how to approach advertising.

The Solution


A single platform that connects the dots of your entire advertising strategy is the solution to all of these problems. The SourceKnowledge platform offers technology that creates a simple interface with unified reporting across all your advertising platforms. It adjusts spending for what works, so you’re not dumping your entire advertising budget into a poorly performing campaign.
All of this happens in real-time, so you won’t have to worry about hours or days going by with a campaign that’s not meeting your performance standards. SourceKnowledge helps you adjust to the current conditions at all times without forcing you to devote every bit of your resources to monitoring campaigns.
Scaling is easy in this environment because a lot of the heavy lifting is automated. Your team members can focus on closing deals and discovering other opportunities, instead of trying to manually handle administrative business processes.
All of your reporting data is in one place, so you can quickly make comparisons between different platforms. Split testing and other adjustments are easier to make when you have a powerful platform backing you up.
In addition to the benefits offered by a unified platform, you also get greater insight into the buyer’s journey. SourceKnowledge ensures that you receive fully transparent data about the touchpoints that customers encounter before they convert.
Are you interested in learning more about how SourceKnowledge can benefit your marketing campaigns? Contact us to discover how you can get more out of your ad budget with the help of our sophisticated, transparent advertising platform.

May 15, 2018


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