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How Machine Learning Improves Google Ads

Google has a lot of machine learning technology that’s capable of transforming your advertising campaigns through optimization techniques and innovative outreach methods. Savvy businesses need to stay on top of the latest changes that can lower their ad spending and connect with consumers more effectively. Here are a few of the most significant ways machine learning changes the way you can advertise with Google.

Improve Advertising Relevance With Responsive Results


Manually testing different combinations of headlines and descriptions can take up a lot of time and resources. You may end up overlooking excellent combinations or fail to put together something that’s truly relevant for your audience.
Responsive ads handle this automatically. The machine learning technology will track the results of ads created from a mix of four ad lines and fifteen headlines. Once it finds the ad with the best performance, it will display that one to your audience.
One of the most useful features of responsive ads is that Google will optimize it based on each search query, so you could end up with a variety of top performers depending on the keywords that consumers are looking for.

Boost Your YouTube Advertising Efforts


You probably don’t think of YouTube as a search engine, but when someone wants to look up more information about a particular product or service, they’re going to plug that query into this site to see what they can find. There are two types of advertising technology powered by machine learning on this site.
The Maximize Lift option is a way to build brand awareness with consumers who may not have encountered your brand before. They’re part of an audience that is likely to be interested in your products and services, as determined by machine learning.
YouTube also has smart bidding as part of its advertising platform. This is an automated bidding system that maximizes your advertising spend by adjusting the price in real-time. You end up displaying your ads to the traffic most likely to convert.

Bring in More People to Your Local Business


The Local Campaign AdWords feature is designed to help you get more customers through your storefront door. Machine learning powers the optimization processes that help your business reach audiences that have the potential to turn into paying customers. One of the best characteristics of Local Campaigns is that you don’t have a lot of configuration and setup time. The technology driving this feature handles most of that.

Maximize Shopping Campaigns


Google Shopping is a great way to get your products seen, but optimizing each listing is time-consuming. AdWords has a few machine learning powered ways that give you more value out of the Shopping Campaign option.
If you choose the Smart Shopping option, all of your ads get optimized based on conversion and revenue goals. You no longer need to handle individual products, as this feature covers all of your listings without manual adjustments.
Store visits is similar to the Local Campaign feature in the previous section. You can get the machine learning technology to send you traffic that has the potential of going to your storefront. Finally, the new customers option looks for people who are similar to your existing customers.
Google AdWords leverages machine learning in many useful ways. You end up lowering how much you spend per click or conversion, as well as improving your relevance and automatically optimizing ads. Whether you put ads up on YouTube or you want to capture mobile traffic, these campaign features are worth looking into.

July 18, 2018


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