GhostBed + SourceKnowledge Case Study

GhostBed CPA Campaign Tucks in a 12.4x RoAS



GhostBed is a leading online mattress-in-a-box retailer that was built based on the passion of providing the most comfortable sleep to all of their customers. After 3 neck surgeries, GhostBed CEO Marc Werner had a desire to create the perfect mattress which stemmed from his own personal experience of sleeping in constant pain. Werner also knew that mattress shopping could be a real nightmare, which lead to him creating a mattress brand that would skip the less-than-helpful showrooms, go direct to consumer with a great price and provide the convenience of purchasing right from home. Today, GhostBed has more than 10,000 positive reviews and was rated as “recommended” by a leading Consumer product testing publication.


GhostBed partnered with SourceKnowledge to execute a CPA performance campaign on premium search, social, display and retargeting channels. Using the power of prospecting and the precision of retargeting techniques, GhostBed expected SourceKnowledge to reach the goal of maximizing sales from their ecommerce website and only paid for the conversions they made.




GhostBed knew that they are a major player in one of the most competitive and fast-paced industries in the ecommerce space. This gave SourceKnowledge the challenge of making GhostBed stand out from the major competitors with a competitive CPA benchmark to beat.





SourceKnowledge provided GhostBed with a risk-free CPA campaign that focused on lower funnel to maximize sales. The campaign was run on a cross-channel basis in order to capture the qualified customers who were most likely to make a mattress purchase. However, SourceKnowledge’s strategy was to guide users down the conversion funnel starting with brand prospecting tactics to grab the attention of new customers looking to purchase a mattress online. Once these users have shown interest, they were then put in a cookie pool and later retargeted on search, social and display up until they reach the checkout and made a purchase.


Campaign Tactics


  1. Connected the dots for GhostBed to have prospecting and retargeting campaigns on only premium sources across the web.
  2. Campaigns were optimized and adjusted for performance across all platforms and left no risk for GhostBed by only paying for the sales they made.




  1. Overall Return: 12.4X return on ad spend.
  2. SourceKnowledge’s display and retargeting tactics have been an essential component to GhostBed’s branding and marketing efforts.
  3. Going Forward: SourceKnowledge will continue to find new venues and strategies for conversion based digital advertising for GhostBed.  


Client Feedback


“Working with SourceKnowledge allowed us to build competitive, risk-free and powerful digital advertising campaigns with confidence.”

Marc Werner, CEO, GhostBed


June 27, 2018


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