Black Friday

Gear Up For Black Friday!

Holiday shoppers plan to spend 4.1 percent more in 2018 than 2017, according to the National Retail Federation. It’s time to gear up for Black Friday and beyond with a multi-faceted approach that reaches buyers everywhere they’re at online.
Go Wide With a Multi-channel Approach
You can’t afford to have a narrow focus when you want to maximize your sales during Black Friday. A multi-channel approach helps you reach buyers everywhere that they’re at, as well as reinforcing the marketing messages.
Shopping Campaigns
Shopping campaigns are a no-brainer for Black Friday. You have a lot of people searching with an intent to buy, and you need your products to be front and center while they’re doing that.
A few ways that you can get more out of these campaigns include creating titles and descriptions filled with relevant details about the item, fixing any errors as soon as they pop up, and ensuring that you have enough images to sell someone on a product.
Shopping campaigns are the most important marketing channel you have for Black Friday shoppers, so make sure that your ad spend is allocated appropriately.
Email Marketing
Consumer inboxes are busy this time of year, but they pay close attention to messages to learn more about Black Friday deals and promotions. When you put together an email campaign, make sure that you pull out all the stops to get them to pay attention.
Focus on search terms that are specific to product categories or specific items. You have a mix of people who know exactly what they want to give for gifts and those who could use a few options to look through. Landing pages with holiday gift guides are a great way to guide buyers to the right choices.
Another channel that’s worth focusing on during the holiday shopping season is display ads. You want to get as much exposure as possible to your products, especially when you operate in a competitive market.
Sync Up Your Tactics
Putting your marketing messages out on multiple channels is only the first step. All of your campaigns also need to work together as an integrated whole. When you’re putting together your strategy for each channel, look at it with a top-down view.
When the parts are designed to work together as a whole, you optimize your efforts and reinforce your messaging. This approach also allows you to maximize your advertising budget, which is a must when it comes to Black Friday.
Set Up Remarketing
Reaching your audience is not a one-and-done process. People may be in the research phase when they first see your ads. You want to keep getting their attention after they visit your landing pages.
Remarketing tactics only show ads to the people who have clicked on one of your ads. You can target these buyers with specific messages that relate to the content they have already viewed.
For example, you can have a product ad show up that talks about the features of the items that they looked at. Every time they see it again, they may get closer to a purchase decision.
Black Friday is the most important single shopping day of the year for retailers and e-commerce companies. It’s time to adequately prepare for this hectic season with a multi-channel approach that makes the most out of your available resources.

November 5, 2018


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