Dentsubos Case Study

Dentsubos Partnered With SourceKnowledge To Increase Site Engagement And Brand Lift For Luxury Automaker



DentsuBos partnered with SourceKnowledge to attract in-market consumers for a luxury automotive client, driving user engagement with key website features and moving qualified consumers further down the conversion funnel. SourceKnowledge’s solution was executed cross-media, using targeted pre-roll video and re-engagement with sequential display banners.




The challenge was to identify high-end automotive prospects and drive these consumers to the website to increase user interaction with key lower-funnel site features. The goal was to generate conversions at scale while delivering high video completions and overall brand lift.




The campaign delivered 6.8M impressions over a 2 month period, using highly targeted :15 pre-roll video placements, while re-engaging qualified audiences with sequential display messaging. The campaign was optimized in-flight, using SourceKnowledge’s solution to drive the primary KPI — interaction with the ‘Configure & Price’ feature on the client’s website. Interactions with the ‘Find a Dealer’ and ‘Book a Test Drive’ pages were also tracked to analyze qualified audiences and enhance performance of the primary KPI. With the power of selective targeting and predictive analysis, SourceKnowledge’s proprietary SmartBidder was used to identify and capture audiences with the highest likelihood of converting, at the right time, and at the optimal price point. In addition to achieving a high volume of conversions on site and a low effective CPA, the campaign also generated a 9% improvement in brand perception and 3% improvement in intent to purchase compared to the control group.



  • 27% lower CPA outperformed benchmark, generating scalable conversions on site.
  • +82% engagement in video utilizing Sourceknowledge’s proprietary SmartBidderTM.
  • 16% brand recall improvement compared to control group.

December 5, 2017


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