SourceKnowledge can target and constantly refine the most effective ad delivery for its customers, and charge on revenue share.

No Risk Full Funnel Acquisition Platform

SourceKnowledge incorporates the power of prospecting with the precision of retargeting to create effective and successful full funnel advertising strategies. While most performance advertising vendors leave 100% of the risk on their customers, SourceKnowledge provides 0% risk on their advertisers by allowing them to only pay for the conversions they make.

Connect The Dots

We give you access to only premium sources for prospecting and retargeting in order for you to connect the dots of your entire advertising strategy.

Pay For Results

Using our proprietary technology, we are able to optimize your campaign spending across all platforms and allow you to only pay for the results you make.

Creating Simplicity

Our technology creates a simple interface with unified reporting across all your advertising platforms and adjusts your ad spend for what works.

Guiding Users Down The Conversion Funnel

Just 1% of visitors will buy from your website the first time they visit. What will you do about the 99%? SourceKnowledge’s full funnel campaigns sync your data with all major traffic vendor platforms such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and more. Forget guesswork – use data to get better results.

The Power Of Prospecting

SourceKnowledge prospecting campaigns use data driven acquisition tactics to connect with key audiences that have never been to your website.

Smarter Retargeting, Better Results

SourceKnowledge is the retargeting solution that covers it all. Retarget your customers that come to your website directly or through search, social, display, and more.

Drive Conversions Like Never Before

Never pay for ad space again. SourceKnowledge leverages granular path to purchase data to reinforce your brand down the conversion funnel, at no risk to you.


Case Study

10% More Home Viewing Bookings

The campaign targeted three different demographics; buyers and sellers, first time buyers and luxury home buyer to maximize home viewings for various segments in the home buyers markets.

Full Funnel Approach

RE/MAX’s first performance campaign encompassed a full prospecting and re-targeting campaign in order to drive interested users to convert.

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